10 extremely awesome iPad tips and tricks

Introduction and getting started

Introduction and getting started

Think you know all there is to know about your iPad? Think again! In this gallery, I will show you some little-known tricks and tips that will get you even more excited about using your iPad. Show these tricks off to friends and family with iPads and leave them astounded in the wake of your awesomeness!
Before we get started, there are a couple of things you need to know:
1: These tricks will only work with iPads that are running iOS 5. If yours isn't, then just know that it's free and easy to install; however, you will need to back up your device beforehand. Simply plug your iPad up to your Mac/PC, run iTunes, then follow the instructions provided!
2: The reason you need iOS 5 is because much of what I cover is only capable in iOS 5. If you have iOS 5 installed (or when you do install it), you need to go ahead and enable multitasking gestures. To do this, simply tap the Settings app, then General, then make sure Multitasking Gestures is set to ON (as pictured above). If it's not, swipe it on! This will allow you to do things like swipe up with four fingers to reveal a multitasking bar, etc. More on that as you proceed through the gallery.
And with that said, let's get started!


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