Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

Remember the mother who beat her son for having a Facebook account? Well, this father shoots multiple bullets into his daughter’s laptop (see minute 7:15) because of her behavior on Facebook. At the time of writing, this video has over 14 million views on YouTube, some 60,000 Likes on Facebook, and over 25,000 Shares on Facebook.


What about Facebook Parenting for the troubled parents?

You would think that a man so concerned about maturity from his daughter would be mature enough to understand what a 15 year old girl is going to act like.

If he thought she was bad before now....he's really gonna feel bad when she ends up at my local strip club dancing for dollars, because she would rather dance naked for strangers than live with her own father.

If he's really unlucky....she'll end up being a porn star.

Good job dad. I vote this guy for father of the year.

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